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Driving across Sri Lanka (West/East 1.000km)

Did you ever wonder how to travel across a country? As I love driving scooters - I thought: why not with a scooter? It's definitely a fun/risky and adventures way of exploring a country.

That's how we traveled across Sri Lanka. Well, we did not always wear this typical Sari dress. But one thing I can tell you -people were amazed:

two girls on one scooter crossing the country!

If you want to see the route and some stops we did, just open the document below.

Sri Lanka route west/east
Download • 3.27MB

During this trip we got three times stopped from police officers. Once they wanted to check our international licence ( which we did not had - but was fine in the end ) and the other two times they were just stopping us to have some small talk. :-D

Each of us carried a daypack with us. We left the luggage in the accommodation in negombo as we knew we will return to Negombo afterwards.

Please note before doing this trip I stayed already 1,5 months in the country and got acclimatised with the traffic and people. Caution: Do not copy this!


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