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Reasons to do a workaway in your own country! is a platform that offers dozens of opportunities for people to volunteer or work in places around the world. It's a cool platform for people who love to travel differently, learn, and exchange cultures. 

In the past, I had a few Workaways abroad: 

Once I taught three weeks German to kids in Morocco and once I worked a month in a small Hostel in Ha Giang, in the northern province of Vietnam. 


Now you could ask yourself, why did she think about doing a Workaway in her own country? Isn't it boring?

After traveling for six months through Latin America I knew I would return to Germany. Doing a work away could enable me to start in a field without committing for a whole year. So I would be still flexible. 

Munich was my last hub - which gave me security - maybe the security I was seeking. Thinking about this vision: staying in the area of Munich, working for a few months: created a good feeling. My Intuition said that was the right thing for the moment. Even if I couldn't explain - why? It felt right. So I followed that feeling. 

I thought If I could find a host, where I work a bit 20 hours a week and use the spare time to apply for job vacancies - that would give me the right flexibility. It also would allow me to be in the area, If I have interviews I could easily drive to Munich. Plus it would give me the chance to acclimatize in Europe.

So I checked I searched for hosts around Munich. 

After reading some profiles (..) I found Birgit's Profile. It said: "Join our family and help us in our garden cafe in the nature reserve in Bavaria, Germany".

I read the profile and it sounded - perfect. 

I could help them in the cafe in the natural reserve for 5-6 hours a day. As a person who loves coffee and nature, this would be the perfect place. I would get my room to stay plus they would pay me for every working hour. That seems incredibly cool. 

I sent (only) them a message. One day after I received a positive answer, we arranged a call. The call was nice, we got to know each other and checked out the vibes. Both sides had a good feeling - so they agreed and I agreed. It took one message and one call to have a new plan. So it will be working in a small cafe in the Bavarian Oberland for two months from May- June 2023. 

My Top reasons why to do a workaway in your own country:

  • Sometimes, we don't need to go too far to experience a different way of living. I had the chance to experience many Bavarian traditions which don't exist/or different in my region: 1st of May "Maibaum aufstellen", Johannisfeuer and "Lüftmalerei". Sometimes I didn't even understand what they said :D. Some words are so different in the Bavarian dialect and it was a lot of fun, talking with the team or guests about the language differences: "Sometimes I don't have the feeling, my world trip ended, it feels like being a stranger in my own country" I said and created some laughs for the cafe. Soon I learned: haferl, tragerl, ribisl, hoibe and much more. 

  • Inexpensive: Could be cool, to find an interesting host in your own country. Good for you! The costs for arrival/departure won't be super high as it's not too far to go. 

  • Friends forever: I had a really familiar experience with Birgit & Michi. The cool thing, is that it's in Germany. It's easier to stay in touch and to meet up again. Finally, I helped them also in August/September and October - returning is easier and you have lasting friendships. 

  • Environmental friendly: If we have the feeling, we are stuck in the routine. We want to experience something new - but flying to Asia (e.g.) seems not to be the right thing, so checking out for opportunities in your own country could be a cool way to do a cultural exchange without spending a huge amount of emissions. 

  • Learning new skills: I had the chance to learn barista skills during my time in Bavaria. Which is extremely cool. There are often so many volunteer options available that can teach us new skills. 

  • If you are a person who wants to live in your own country, but you are still searching to find the right area to settle in: workaway can be a cool option to live in areas before committing to a "real" job. This could be also done as a working vacation. 

  • You are new to traveling, maybe a bit afraid to go abroad: work away could be a good opportunity. Staying in your own country gives you security. It helps you to softly enlarge your comfort zone. Depending on the place, you will meet other workers and still have other cultural exchanges. It broadens your horizon about different ways of living that exist just one step away. 

  • Ever thought about giving back to your own country? Workaway can create a new "fresh breeze" in communities. The village I stayed in Bavaria doesn't face many changes in the population. Mostly old people or families are living there. Somehow I think having more workers can bring a fresh breeze to those communities - which is a win-win situation. Once a neighbour rang and asked sth. - finally, we ended up, drinking tea together. She explained to me things about the village and I told her about my travels and plans. 

How was my workaway experience:

I can say, this has been an incredible experience. On the one hand, I felt needed and I could work in a daily routine which helped me acclimatize in Europe. I loved chatting with my hosts and guests and serving them with delicious drinks and snacks. On the other hand, I had enough time to reflect on the past and think about the future. In my free time, I swam in the lake, cycled around, or went for some salsa dancing in Munich. 

Some days, I had the chance to be the manager of the cafe and I had the pleasure to be the Butler :D of the lovely 93-year-old nanny. In general many talks with Birgit and Michi, as well as with the nanny were uplifting and inspiring. 

Wanna see how day-to-day live looked in the cafe: check out this video, created from the 

bavarian televisions - during my time I've been there:

For which future plan did I now decide?

What were the options in my head to choose from: start a new job, go with a Work & Travel Visa abroad, go on a cycle tour? 

I asked myself: "What do I want, right now?". 

Somehow I found myself: going into the globetrotter to check cycle routes. Also checking out bicycle stores was one of the first things I did. 

"Miri, you need to do this cycle trip! It's calling you." I was thinking.

I decided to go for the cycle trip. 


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