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How did I get the idea to cycle more than 2.400 km this past summer from my home village in Germany to and around Ireland? Why did I decide to use my 90s KTM bicycle, instead of buying a new one?


How being alone helped me open up to strangers and showed me being "alone" is not a bad thing.


Get excited about an event full of funny, exciting and thoughtful stories about a girl who cycled 47 days to fulfill her dream. 


Look forward to hearing many stories from the road and learn my tips and tricks that helped me tackle challenges on a daily basis.

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Eifel to Ireland 

2.000 km by bicycle. Get inspired.

More Informations here.

Event Dates

15.04.2024 - 20:00 o'clock - Online (German) - Tickets

Check again. More live events coming soon! :-)

Event request

Want to listen to travel stories in your region/community? Let's reach out to me and we'll organize a live/online event.

What people say

Nick, Germany
“Listening to Miriams stories about cycle touring is fun and inspiring. Reminds me to live my dreams too!"
Gerry, Ireland
“I am glad we met Miriam in Ballybunion. It was a amazing exchange"
Sally, England
“After my meeting with Miriam in England - I was inspired to do something awesome! ”
Past Events 
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