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Eifel to Ireland: 1.500km by bicycle 🚴

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

People always say, you only regret the things that you haven't tried. So here I go. I don't want to regret it.

The Plan

Image: Route Heilbach, Germany to Ireland (1.500km by bicycle)

Cycling far-distance routes have been always fascinating to me. During my past travels I met so many people from UK/Ireland. Noticing that I've never been to those countries at all -sparked my interest to go and see - what's out there.

Instead of just flying I want to cycle. Why? I love to ride my bicycle, I love challenges and I love to travel slowly. Also, I want to cycle for a good purpose, fundraise money and support a company in Guatemala which is called: CA Travelers ( Details below) - which I supported and had the chance to spend time with in Guatemala.

Having two months in July/August - to travel and experience UK/Ireland is amazing.

Wanna see my route? Have a look on my maps:

1.PART ( Eifel till France)

Home nach Calais

Route 506,8 km • 33:31 Std.

2. PART ( England till Wales)

Dover nach Fishguard 650km

Route 677,5 km • 48:40 Std.

3. PART ( Ireland East till West)

Rosslare nach Caherciveen

Route 467,3 km • 33:12 Std.

4. PART ( Ireland West till North)

Cahersiveen nach Westport 650km

Route 648,5 km • 44:43 Std.

I used the past two months to prepare myself financially ( worked and saved money), emotionally ( thought about why I want to do it? ), and physically ( probably to less - ate more cakes than trained :D ).

I will start off on the third of July to this adventure. It will take me one month to reach Ireland.

I guess there is a reason for all those songs:

"Young, wild and free, Gypsy, Heute hier morgen dort"

Live on earth is precious. We should make the most out of it. Songs are written to live them. During the past months, I realized there are more ways to live. Life has never been so easy to be designed just the way we want it. We just need some courage to do so.

With this challenge I support CA Cares in collecting donations to give children in San Jose Calderas a perspective with better education. If you want to donate: (With my past travel presentations I already donated 250EUR, Farah the owner - I know from my travels trough Guatemala )

About the Fundraising Project:


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1 Comment

Tim Benijts
Tim Benijts
Jul 07, 2023

Hello Miriam,

We met on your cycling trip to Ireland on a windy Thursday morning along the canal 30 kilometers from Antwerp. I read your blog with great interest and am impressed by your enthusiastic lifestyle. Never a dull moment I think. I made a small donation through Paypal so you can have a coffee or ice cream somewhere along the way. In return, I do expect you to loudly sing the song "Molly Malone" in a typical Irish pub (trust me, I've done it too).

And remember: cycling is about meeting people, telling stories and making (shared) memories. Good luck!


Tim (Belgium)

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