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Couchsurfing, Guatemala 🇬🇹🛖

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

22. Jan. 2023 Antigua, Guatemala

My first Couchsurfing experience. In Antigua I met up with Roberto a local from Antigua. It was my first night in Antigua. First night in a new town and in a new country: Guatemala, Central America.

How did I met Roberto?

I created a hangout in couchsurfing and got a reply from Roberto. His message in couchsurfing sounded fun and he had many positive reviews. So i decided to text him that we could meet up that day in a bar.

Same night at 8pm at las Palmeras a salsa bar:

We met with other girls from my hostel to dance salsa and enjoy the first night in central america.

Las Palmeras is a amazing place. Live music and many Chapin ( Chapin is the slang word for Guatemalan people) and tourists come together and enjoy the night. I loved the vibe.

In the bar I met Roberto for the first time. We found out that we have many things in common.

We both work in creative fields. He is an artist who does portraits, muriels and many other forms of art. I probably never met a real artist, so it was super interesting for me to understand his work.

As I told him about my last job as UX Designer - he was super interested as well.

"Let's exchange some work!" Roberto said.

Two days later we met!

I wanted to stay longer then three nights in Antigua anyway so It was amazing that I met Roberto.

He offered me a own room in his house to stay for a while. I accepted his invitation. Which I did not regret ! Even if I was a bit unsure, how it will be - I finally had a amazing time there.

I ended up staying 7 days at Robertos home which was amazing.

I enjoyed his company. He works in Antigua as an Artist. Somehow I realize that I stopped drawing since a while. Roberto inspired me to start drawing again.

Every day I experienced sth. new with Roberto. He showed me the local market and the places were he goes mostly. One evening we did portraits from each other.

How was it staying at Robertos place?

His home is made of a open room with two hammocks. Moreover he has two sleeping rooms. One room he is sleeping in and in the other I was sleeping in.

The room were i am sleeping in, is equipped with a normal bed. Not much more. But I slept super good. It's so nice having a own room.

The kitchen and his art place are also situated in open rooms.

He is living alone. His parents live in Guatemala City.

What did we do this Sunday?

We woke up and first did some stretching. I showed him my Yoga Flow.

Afterwards he showed me how to make some "sesamo leche" in english "Sesam Milk".

With this type of milk he shows me how he makes his morning shake.

Afterwards we took the bicycles and ride to the swimming pool close to Antigua. It's a nice place. We had a amazing swim and played chez with a friend of him.

Throughout the day we had conversation in english or spanish. It's an amazing exchange as he wants to improve his english and I want to improve my spanish.

On the way back to his home we drove with the bycicle through Antigua again. It was rush hour as many people wanted to go somewhere.

If you haven't been to Antigua I try to explain: the road is made out of huge cobblestones.

"Las pinchas piedras" Roberto repeats often.

Which means like "Those fuck** stones"

As we bycicled against the road people were honking at us.

For lunch we had some local bread he organized.

He also showed me the local market. In the market we bought regional products.


27. Jan. 2022

Continuing my stay at Robertos home in Antigua

Find a home away from home.

It's strange but Roberto already feels like a roommate.

Several times we went to the local market and had lunch there. A complete menu costs between 15-35 quetztales (2-4€). The menue consists of a soup, main dish and a drink. The place is called comedor.

That's nice about couchsurfing. Hanging out with a local helps me to understand the culture. Where he is usually going? Seeing Antigua through the eyes of a local.

Staying for seven nights at Robertos place was my first couchsurfing experience. It will definitely not be my last.

What else did I learn with Roberto:

Once he said: "Antigua is the city of coupellos" if you walk around you will see many houses with this architecture.

How did I use Couchsurfing Hangouts?

Arriving to Antigua, I thought - well let's check couchsurfing hangouts.

Hangouts is a feature in couchsurfing where you can meetup with people which are staying in that place. Locals and travellers who use couchsurfing see this.


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