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Hitchhiking, Morocco 🚙👍

Updated: Jan 29, 2023


On the 8th of Januar 2023 I wanted to give hitchhiking a try. I haven't tried it in Morocco before so I thought. Why not? .. it was a awesome experience!

Why hitchhiking?

Lina and Clement hitchhiked through Spain and Morocco, so I thought well I could also give it a try. They inspired me. They told me some cool stories. That's how I got the idea.

"It's a philosophy - it's not that we could not afford it" Lina said.

How was my first experience of hitchhiking?

Awesome & too easy!

..some Impressions about the Hitchhiking:

  1. Mirleft to Tiznit

  2. View on the way to Marrakesh

  3. Oulad Teima to the Highway with a Donkey

  4. & 5. Tiznit to Agadir

Where did I actually wanted to go? I was leaving Mirleft, a beach place in the south of Morocco. I was thinking to visit Tafraoute or going back to Agadir to meet Selma in Oulad Teima again. I thought well its good to have two options, so I am a bit more flexible - depending on the cars which stop.

I did not need to put my hand out. A car just stopped as I was walking few meters outside of Mirleft. Its quite unusual that someone probably walks outside of Mirleft, so I guess he was just interested what I was doing there.

The old man just stopped and asked "Ou est que tu veux aller?" I responded "Tiznit/ Agadir" I said. "Je vais a Tiznit, si tu veux" he responded.

Perfect! I thought. My gut feeling was good, so I stepped in his car. In the car he explained that he needed to do some groceries in Tiznit.

So I finally replied: "Oui, bien sure!"

As I sat in the car I felt super brave. You know this feeling, if you try sth. new what you never tried before and you feel super scared but also super excited. Now you know how I felt. 🤣

Sure I could had been taken a taxi for 6€ but I wanted to try something new. I realized It's great to try new things. Trying new things makes me realizing that the boundaries are mostly in our heads, there are often more ways/opportunities out there and we will never know if we don't try.

I thought probably there are so many people on the road who are happy to take a solo traveler. Also, It's a eco friendly way of travelling.

..How was the drive your probably asking yourself?

So, we drove from Mirleft to Tizni. During the drive we didn't speak so much about anything, because he could not speak so much English or French. I was a bit afraid at the beginning because: yeah actually I did not know what to expect. But finally, I was happy risking it and I found out there was no reason to be afraid.

The man was probably in his fifties. We only spoke a little bit French. "La nature est tres jolie ici" I told him. He understood what I was saying. He smiled. He was proud, showing me a part of his country.

Even without talking, it was a interesting drive. Once we passed a rock formation, it looked incredible, the man asked "Si tu veux faire one foto, nous pouvons faire une stop". Such a kind behaviour.

..sometimes we need to risk something. Its good to make new experiences. I guess that's when we learn the most.

In Tiznit he dropped me. From Tiznit I was quite flexible, about where to go next. On the one hand, I thought: Well I could continue to Tafrouate or go to Agadir. In both directions, buses were running. I had nothing to lose if I was not able to find a hitchhiking option.

So I was walking through Tirznit. A nice, local city. I continued my way out of the city. It was an amazing day. I felt good. I was just aware of everything that happened around me. So it came that an old VW bus stopped. A man watched out of the van and greeted me. I did not think twice. I was waving my hand and signalizing that I would like to drive with them. They immediately stopped. I walked to them: "Where are you heading?" "Agadir, you want to drive with us!"he asked "That would be amazing!" I replied.

The guys were around 30 years old and from Casablanca. They were just enjoying their holidays in Morocco. We exchanged so many interesting things during the drive. It was worth hitchhiking with them. They are musicians in Casablanca. Again I got new Insights into a different way of living, which was great.


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