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Coffee tour in Salento, Columbia

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Salento is the perfect location to do a coffee tour. So one day I walked outside of the town to make my way to one of the fincas where they have a small coffee production and explain the process. One day prior a barista in a restaurant recommended a finca to me.

As I'm a coffee drinker I love to understand how it's produced. Seeing the coffee tree, grape and the process was a great experience.

After the coffee tour, I continued my circular walk. The way was stunning, there were so many different flowers I've never seen before.

On the way are several fincas with coffee plantations. At one point I stopped as two local men waved at me. They kind of signalized "Hey come over!" so I stopped and checked this place. I got some banana chips and sat next to them.

There were no other people. It was a funny situation.

They were super interested and we talked about life here.

They both live and work on a Finca nearby. They explained that they grow coffee and work in agriculture.

After a while I wanted to continue my hike.

They wanted to walk in the same direction so we walked a while together.

"Ellos estan vecinos" the man explained to me as some farmers with their cows passed. They had a small chat with them.

We saw some waterfalls on the way.

At one point the men left and I continued my way to Salento.

The road got more muddy.

Now I understand why they all use rubber boots in Salento. Due to the high amount of rainfall, streets, and caminatas are muddy.

After a while, I came across a nice grocery store.

Four columbian people were standing in front of the store and watched me interested. "Hey donde vas?" one of the girls asked.

"A Salento" i said.

"A Salento, es muy lejos!" the girl responded.

Yeah, she was probably right. It was pretty far away.

"Si quieres, puedes ir con nosotros" she offered me a right to the next village. "Si claro" I responded.

The car ride was super funny, we

The conversation continued.

"Como pareces Columbia?" They were asking me, how I like Columbia

"Muy Bien, mi encanta la naturaleza, y la gente estan muy amable" I respond.

The conversation continues and they're telling me about some nice places I should visit while being in Columbia.

On the street corner, they stopped and asked me if I want to join them for lunch?

Yeah why actually not?

They invited me to lunch, which was so kind! I did not want them to pay me, but they wanted to.

We chose the "Menu del dia", which was as usual in the country a huge meal containing soup, rice, salad, and a type of meat like a chicken.

After the lunch, I took a bus back to Salento.

What a day!

Magic happens, while traveling alone.


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