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Arriving to Salento 🇨🇴🌳

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

After 9 hour bus ride from Santa Fe de Antioquia to Salento. I arrived in Salento at 3 PM.

First I walked with my backpack to a cafe and thought: "Well I would first love to get a coffee and relax"

So I stopped for a coffee.

I did not have yet a place to sleep, so I was checking the options in the Café.

Arriving at the cafe the woman who runs the coffee asked "Buenas dias, como estas?"

"Bien, estubo un dia muy largo. Estubo en Santa Fe de Antioquia" I'm telling her.

"Oh wow, como te llamas ?"

Columbian people always easily get me into a conversation.

As I was still in the need of a place to sleep, I asked her for recommendations.

After checking those places, I ended up booking a hostel with a patio.

I walked to the hostel without reservation as it said that it still has a lot of free spots left.

At the hostel, I found out that I am currently the only person staying. Which is not that bad. Which means, I have a whole hostel for myself. 😅 Wandy the local woman who works here is always around - so I also didn't need to worry.

Because I'm traveling for a long while, I'm relaxed if it comes to unexpected things. Like this.

So I moved into the dorm and went to the city for dinner.

As it's Saturday the city has a amazing vibe.

It's probably the safest village in Columbia, a local man tells me. I agree with him. It's a beautiful place and it feels relaxed.

Before coming I thought well, probably it's nice but touristy. But it's nice. There are a lot of local tourists but not so many foreigners. Which is great. Because often if you go to places, you see that the majority of people are from Columbia. Columbian people love their country and love to visit Salento.

After walking around the Calle Real, I decide. to stop at a restaurant called "La Fonda de los Arrieros". In front of the place is a man and we start chatting.

He demonstrates a typical "Arriero" which is...

His name is ... Estefan.

They serve the local dish called "Trucha con Patacones"

A trucha is a Forelle.

The restaurant has a beautiful balcony from where you can watch the hustle/bustle of Salentos Calle Real.

While sitting there, I can watch people passing with their horses.

Just watching what everyone is doing is incredible.

Sitting on the terrace alone is not a bad thing. I don't feel alone. I just feel content being my best buddy while traveling.

I feel so grateful. Sitting now here after a long long time of being on the road. Having many ups and downs. It's an incredible feeling. Doing this trip has been so long on my list. Seeing Columbia and Central America. Now I'm here. It's amazing. I love it!

Having a "Trucha" and drinking a Limonada de Coco just makes this day complete.

I'm sitting for ages in the restaurant writing on my blog - which I love. Enjoying the time past.

A bit later I'm about to leave. Just a problem with my credit card arriving. Unfortunately, I'm not able to pay.

A local man who was about to pay as well starts a conversation.

"Hey, all good? Let me know if you need help?"

I'm explaining the situation to him. "I will go to an ATM, and see how it goes"

"Alright, if you come back - feel free to join us. I'm here with some friends" he told me.

So before stressing out, I'm about to head to an ATM as I also did not have enough cash with me to pay the bill.

On the way to the ATM I'm thinking "Okay, let's see if I can withdraw money?"

"What if not?" "Then I need to check with my bank"

"Would be not the end of everything, there are so many people here. I could also ask someone to help me out and to send money via PayPal"

Finally, everything works out. I could withdraw money. Went back, paid, and thought well why not join this friends group?

German is the name of the Colombian men who invited me. I found out that he studied in the united states, that's why he speaks English as well.

He and his friends are from Quindio. One friend lives here in Salento the other two are from Armenia.

Quindio is the region. Armenia and Salento are cities in this region.

"We are about to leave. Would you like us to join you for a wine?"

"Yeah sure"

"You are invited. My friend from Germany, it's my top country I would love to see"

"If you ever want to come, you have now a friend who would love to show you around"

I'm spending the evening together with them.

Lis one girl in the group tells me she is from the Amazonas region.

I'm thinking "Wow! I never met someone from the Amazonas region" My eyes began to sparkle. It was so interesting to me. She tells me that she lives in Armenia for two years. Before she lived in the Amazonas. She is working in cosmetics.

We are going to a party where german knows the Dj.

Dancing, talking, and sharing this evening with my new friends from Quindio, Columbia.

Before heading back to sleep at 1 PM a Salsa place I'm passing on my way back home is open. I'm stopping there for one last dance.

Back at my hostel, it's incredible how fresh the air is here. There are always some birds singing. Happy about this amazing Day I fell asleep. Tired and happy.

What an amazing start in Salento!


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