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3 Days before ✈️

(..) only three days left to my departure date to Morocco. There is still the big question mark in my head - did I forget anything? Did I prepare enough?

Sure there is mostly always an opportunity to buy things and do them on the go but still, I want to be prepared.

What if, I lose my phone should I bring a second (old) one?

What if (..)

Even though I worked for two years at STA Travel selling flight tickets and helping people prepare for their travels did not make it much easier to think now about my plans.

The hardest thing is just to remind me that I can't do/see anything. You should concentrate on one part of the world and then keep going. ( go with the flow)

What do I want to see? Which areas of the world?

- Morocco ( Essaouria)

Always thought as a first country nice to get into a different culture that is not that far away from home. Essaouria, kite surfing 🌊

- Latin America!

Why? Probably because I love Spanish people especially the warm-hearted mentality, the language, dancing salsa, warm weather, and beaches but also indigenous cultures, nature, food, and so on.

I will be first flying to Morocco and afterward from Madrid to Mexiko city. From there I will be traveling all the way south through central/ southern America until I reach Argentina.

From Argentina, I could make my way to Auckland, New Zealand.

But this is quite a long time to think about - therefore it's just a rough idea in my head.

Am I afraid of traveling as a woman alone? At the moment not.

Mostly I'm not alone and if I'm - I enjoy my own company.

It's a good way to get to know myself better and to think about the person I would like to become.

Also to reflect on all the ups/downs that happened this year.

Sometimes it's best to be your own best friend.

Without anyone knowing you

It's much easier to be just fully aware of places and people.

For me, it's the greatest to wander around places and to meet locals on the go, learn from them, talk to them and see what's happening.

Before leaving Germany I already know that I will be volunteering in two different places via workaway. Already having two or three local contacts in the places you go first, relaxes me a lot.


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