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Santa Fe de Antioquia 🐎🤠

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

"Have you tried the specialty coffee, Miriam?" Luis the guide from the travel agency in Santa Fe asks.
"What? No I haven't" I respond.
"Wait, I make sure you will try it before you leave - you're invited!" Luis responds.

Santa Fe de Antioquia has been on my bucket list for Columbia since I arrived in Medellin.

I haven't heard about the city until the guide from the Real City Walking tour mentioned "Santa Fe" three times during the tour. Each time he stressed out that it was amazing! "You have to see it," he said. He told us that Santa Fe de Antioquia is the old capital of Antioquia. Before it changed to Medellin in the 18th century.

That was enough reason for me to head over to this beautiful small city for two nights. Which I did not regret.

How did I get to Santa Fe? Transportation seems to be pretty easy in Columbia. So I made my way to the terminal de Norte in Medellin and paid the bus ticket. (3 EUR) Everything went smoothly, I was on time and the bus left as well punctual. All people throughout were super friendly. I never felt afraid, from the person in the ticket office to the bus driver. The bus ride was amazing. Every time I looked out of the window I could see the beautiful mountain scenery. While driving just this small part - I got a better feeling for this huge country. It's incredible how lush green everything is. I didn't know before coming to Columbia, but this country has one of the most diverse. vegetation on earth.

Arriving in Santa Fe was easy.

After staying three weeks in Medellin, It felt amazing being back in a small city. Surrounded by the Cordillera Occidental which is part of the Andes - I could easily gaze to the mountains from many places in the city.

In Medellin, I met many international people and lived together with some in a shared apartment but finally, I ended up traveling alone to Santa Fe. You maybe ask yourself, why does she prefer to travel solo? I just often think, it's more relaxed to be on my own. Sometimes I love to be in silence if I wander around places. Often conversations are not that necessary if it comes to exploring a new place. Just in my opinion.

Moreover, I have to communicate with locals - so sometimes it happens that beautiful moments happen. Of course this can also happen in groups, but just now I had the feeling - being alone is the right thing to do so.

In Santa Fe, I ended up having many beautiful conversations. For example, Luis works in a travel agency in Santa Fe de Antioquia. I saw him several times, and he seems super passionate about his work. The agency is often opened until the late evening. So I stopped by several times throughout the two days.

He gave me many cool recommendations for what to do in the city. On my last evening, I stopped by to thank him for his recommendations.

"Have you tried the specialty coffee?" he asked.

"No, I didn't - where did you told me - should I try it?" I asked.

"Oh no! I want to make sure - you will try it before you leave. Let's go!" he said.

So he just closed the agency and walked with me to the place.

We entered a beautiful cafe and Luis introduced me to the woman.

"This is Miriam, she is from Germany. Can you please make her a specialty coffee" he tells her in spanish.

My trip is just amazing because of people like Luis. People who care and love to share their culture.

The girl who works in the coffee is probably a bit younger than me. I had a wonderful chat with the girl who works in the cafe. She told me that her aunt lives in Münster, Germany.

Before I left the cafe she asked. "Miriam, could I ask you for a Foto?"

"Of course!" I responded. I also wanted a picture as memory. Here are the pictures of me and her.

Now you could think "Why did they made pictures together? Why has this situation been so meaningful? Nothing "big" happened"

But that's the beauty about traveling, right? If we can get excited about each, other. Just because we are curious about the other person. There is probably nothing more we need.

Luis the guide meanwhile went back to work, but he came back. We also did a Foto together and said goodbye.

I was about to pay the bill, when I found out that it had been already paid by Luis. So kind.

What else happened in Santa Fe de Antioquia?

On the arrival I walked to my hotel which is just stunning. It has a relaxed vibe and I do have a private room for just 19€ a night, including breakfast and a stunning swimming pool on a beautiful patio.

After checking in, I was walking around Santa Fe exploring the main square and the parks. I visited one museum.

After lunch I walked back to the hotel, relaxed, and talked to Lise who works in the hotel.

"Lise saves si hay una opportunidad para alquilar un moto ?" I'm asking Lise

Lise opens a Facebook group with me and we find out that there is one rental. She tries to call them, but unfortunately, they are already fully booked.

But happily, I found out about Carlos Caballos. A men who does horse back ridings. So I thought why not and reserved a spot for the next Day! I remembered that Marta from Berlin, a girl I met in Guatemala told me that this has been one of the best experiences during her time in Latin America.

Carlo's send me a video. It looked stunning. Riding horses in the countryside and crossing several rivers.

The next day I had breakfast and made my way to Carlo's place.

On the map, it did not look that far. Just a little bit out of town.

A common way of transportation is TukTuk. So I made my way with a TukTuk to Carlo's place.

Unfortunately, there was a traffic jam in town, so we arrived a little bit late.

Carlos Finca is situated in the countryside. Slush green vegetation surrounds it. It's stunning!

Carlos welcomes me and tells me that we have to wait for some other guests arriving from Medellin.

Happily, the family arrived and we could start horseback riding.

The family booked a short tour, only an hour. I chose the longer tour of three hours.

At one point we stopped riding together. That was amazing.

Carlos was riding in front and me in the back. Just as two. Again a situation where I had the feeling being a solo traveler is amazing.

It feels more adventurous.

Carlos looked stunning with his western cap.

His music box played some Mexican music. It just emphasized this nice moment.

We were riding through Santa Fe and the countryside

During the ride, we passed some beautiful landscapes. As we ride slowly we passed incredible trees and bushes. One more beautiful than the other.

"Quieres correr un Poco?" That's what Carlos asked

"Si, claro!" and we started to run.

At the end of the tour I thanked Carlos a lot and gave him a big tip, in the hope that the money is used for the animal care.


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