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One day before ✈️

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

It's quite tough, to sum up, the feelings in my stomach.

I just lived since February in Munich. Didn't thought that it would be so hard to say goodbye.

Saying goodbye to Munich, to a place that already felt like home.

Munich, Isar
Munich, Isar

While having a last stroll at the Isar I'm thinking about the people, work colleagues, and new friends.

It was a wonderful time and there are memories so sweet - I don't want to miss it.

I will think back to this intense and awesome time - when I'm sitting somewhere else in the world.

My urge to do this trip was always bigger than staying.

Therefore I know I'm sad but it's okay! I know there will be some crazy adventures waiting.

So being sad is not a bad thing.

It just reminds me that I've met amazing people in Munich and that I made great friendships - which I'm grateful for.

..sitting here and letting those feelings arise, is the best way of letting this chapter end.

Sometimes having those strong and sad feelings show us that we are okay - because we touched people's heart. That things are meaningful and that every person in our life is there for a reason.

After letting those feelings arise I feel better.


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1 Comment

Hallo liebe Miri, grüss mir das südliche Ende des Mittelmeeres - fast das Morgenland mit dem wundervollen Licht und dem Salzwasser. Es war schön Dich kennenzulernen, enjoy, have a great time and take care, yours Helga Barl from Gauting, on the outskirts of Munich.

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